Q Ultima’s view is that ONLINE CONSULTING is benefit to the company as well as service of nation.

Leveraging technology for business gains is one of the key levers organizational success. IT enabled processes and systems can reduce effort and cost substantially. Some questions that online consulting answers is

Strategic Guidance

Strategy Reviews and aligning with changing Environment

We help companies to conduct strategic review through online consulting covering following:

  1. Guidance of information needed for deriving strategic imperatives
  2. SWOT Analysis & Objective setting
  3. Objective Deployment
  4. Information update and strategic realignment
  5. Objective Reviews and identification of support requirements
  6. Any other, as considered critical by the company

Road Map Direction for Initiatives

Road Map Progress Evaluation & alignment

Excellent companies usually have multiple initiatives running in the organization like system certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 55001 etc); Lean Deployment, Six Sigma Deployment, National & International Awards etc. For effective deployment of these a concrete road map should be developed and updated periodically for providing timely resources and support. We help companies for initiative management through road map review using online consulting covering following:

  1. Guidance of what it takes for effective deployment of these initiatives including benefits, tracking parameters, milestones , activities etc.
  2. Development of detailed road map including Gantt Chart
  3. Periodic and Milestone based reviews of road map for timely caution of roadblocks and suggesting support and resource requirements
  4. Technical Guidance with respect to initiative

Project Mentoring

Project Handhold for right tool usage and enabling success

Success of Projects esp. Six Sigma, Lean, QC etc. depend on timely actions including changes on machine / floor, data collection and analysis. The team get stuck, usually in first projects, due to initial understanding of advanced tools as well as they are new to the concept of deriving action plans and getting them deployed on floor.

We are listing types of support we provide for DMAIC projects; while similar support can be designed for any kind of improvement project.

  1. Project Definition – Clarity of business logic, linkage of project success to business success, estimation of financial benefits and listing of possible adverse consequences. Constitution of team and setting of timelines.
  2. Validating Measurement System for Project Metrics (Y) – Establishing need of measurement system validation, strategy of sample collection, data collection guidelines, analysis of data and interpreting of analysis for development of improvement plan. Revalidating of measurement system, updating of measurement SOP and managing training of all related inspectors.
  3. Capability Analysis and Target Validation – Guide on data collection for capability analysis and adjust target based on capability analysis and resource commitments.
  4. Identification of Causes (Xs) – Enabling team to identify possible causes of problem using appropriate methods. Also, enabling short listing by removing non-relevant ones.
  5. Failure Mode Effect Analysis – Guide setting of appropriate scale for criticality analysis (Severity, Occurrence & detection) and action planning for special causes using FMEA. Also assist in identifying key factors (X), which can be optimized for outstanding performance.
  6. Graphical & Statistical Studies – Guide on data collection strategy for hypothesis testing to validate significant parameters.
  7. Optimization using DOE – Guide in designing of experiments and decision on run conditions. Help analyse data, run trials at optimal conditions and validate new settings.
  8. Control Plan establishment – Help design of control plans, design training and audits of control and development of Project Transition Action Plan.

Expert Inputs for specific queries

Responding to issues raised and roadblocks faced

You can register with us for a period of time to ask any question which can be answered by Email. If not clear by email, one-on-one online interaction will be planned and concept will be explained. This may include any concept related business excellence, operational excellence, lean, six sigma, quality, core tools, system standards etc.