Individual Benchmarking – IQTSE
International Quality Excellence Talent Search Examination

(Formerly called NQTSE)

IQTSE is an individual Benchmarking Tool. It is based on an online exam for benchmarking yourself with your colleagues across industry.

Q Ultima organizes International Quality Excellence Talent Search Examination every year to benchmark individual excellence globally. This opens opportunities to grow both in knowledge and in your career. As outcome of this exam you get a score sheet, your international percentile and a certificate of honour.

The exam presently includes assessment on

  • Basic Problem Solving: Capability to recognize problem from various sources, choose the correct methodology and effectively use of 7 QC Tools. It specially focused on various steps of DMAIC, QC Story ad Global 8D Methodology.
  • Process Management: Capability to clearly distinguish Process Flows, identification of product & process characteristics, assess incoming sources of variation, conduct criticality analysis using Process FMEA and to design Control Plans. It also includes ability to design Poka Yoke and simple visuals for process control.
  • Key Quality Core Tools – Capability of collecting samples, conducting analysis and enabling improvement in measurement systems and process capabilities at design and production stages. It includes knowledge and skills related to Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility, Attribute Agreement study, control charts, process capability studies, Production Part approval documentation and key stages of APQP.
  • Shop Floor Improvement Concepts – Capability to ensure arrangement of resources on shop floor 5S, manage given targets (DWM), lead & implement Total Productive Maintenance, understand value streams, kanban, FIFO lanes, SMED and other lean systems and enable continual improvement on floor (Kaizen)
  • Six Sigma Expertise – Capability as per American Society of Quality Body of knowledge of Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

You win attractive awards, get opportunity to meet leaders of the Industry, get recognized as talent available for global prosperity. Apart from several individual participants, previous organizational participants include Apollo Tyres, Aditya Birla Group, Marico, ITC, Fiat, HTL Chennai, IAC International, Kirloskar, Philips, Bright Autoplast, Classic Stripes, Sterlite Technologies, TACO etc. Many of them use it for short listing for recruitment or maintaining minimum level of expertise within organization.

Organizational Benchmarking – IQEA International Quality Excellence Award

IQEA is an organizational Benchmarking Tool. It is based on an online self-assessment followed by onsite assessment done by experts to identify best in class companies using quality excellence for business success.

Q Ultima organizes International Quality Excellence Award every year to benchmark organizations, who are excelling in product & process quality to achieve outstanding business results. This opens opportunity to learn from other organizations as well as creates edge over competition by non-competitive benchmarking of processes.

The assessment presently includes following criteria

  • Leadership Direction: Capability of organization to develop systems to recognize market & customer requirements, convert them into opportunities and grow. Leadership’s ability to set balanced (short term & long term) objectives linked to identified opportunities and motivate entire organization for its achievement.
  • Product Excellence: Capability to identify relevant customer needs & inconveniences, develop relevant new features in form of modifying existing products or developing new ones and ensure perceived value of product is maximum compared to others in industry. Use technology and innovation to come out with new products
  • Process Excellence – Capability of organization to develop processes to continuously challenge leadership to show directions & track results, achieve higher customer satisfaction, continually improve product & services and ensure efficient usage of resources. Company uses data and facts to improve process performance. Process changes are prompt and effective.
  • People Excellence – Capability to identify and develop or hire skills and competencies needed to lead, design and produce competitively. Company ties employee motivation to individual and company success.
  • Speed & Flexibility for Achievement Excellence – Capability to assess present situation and quickly change to ensure results are achieved faster than competition. Suitable use of IT is evident across the value chain with intent of speed, flexibility and achievement.
  • Business Results – Lagging and leading indicators and perception measures of business success including Financial, Customer, Process and People related.

The assessment helps the participating organization to measure on a scale to identify relative position with respect to competition and vis-à-vis all industries.