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Short Stories of “My Struggle for Excellence”# 01 (Gurus)

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The stories present fundamental principles to achieve organizational success in any competitive environment, including possible ups and downs. Although the setup is in Ancient India, the relevance of each story to the Modern World is evident.

Chapter # 01: Gurus

Respecting the wisdom of Gurus

King Diwakar believed in wisdom created by Gurus through their exposure to multiple kingdoms and several generations of numerous dynasties. He encouraged his sons to respect this wisdom and continuously search for such knowledge. Some of the Gurus he found included:

  • Rishi Sankaracharya, who initiated all yagnas to please gods
  • Rishi Kanv, who created new sources of revenue
  • Rishi Agastya, who guided new districts to produce more
  • Rishi Sachidanand taught on wars and arsenals.
  • And many more

Vikram will scout for warriors who will join the army (focusing on the second objective), and Siddarth will follow those gurus who will help improve quality, quantity, costs (first objective), and mechanisms to meet the increasing demands of western districts (third objective). 

Respecting the Gurus

Siddarth created immense love of gurus for the kingdom. There are several legends about his commitment to gurus. One such story says

Once Siddarth came to know that a “Rishi Sahjaswami” was visiting a nearby kingdom. So he spent several days sitting in front of “Wisdom Tree” till the guru realized a familiar face every day and asked about his purpose. Siddarth immediately took the guruji to the kingdom, showed the problems of the people of his kingdom, and asked for help. Guruji, hugely impressed by his commitment to people, agreed to stay for some days in his kingdom and helped people resolve their problems. Siddarth, from then on, visited every day to offer his thanks for the help guruji offered. It is believed that the soul of the guruji is helping the people of that kingdom even today. So the soul of Siddarth comes to show gratitude every day.

Key Principles – Seek expertise, Objective Focus, Strength aligned roles, respect for experts, earn their commitment

Relevance – Yagna – licenses, Gods – Regulators, Source of Revenue – New Products, Wars & Arsenals – Strategies & Plans