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Short Stories of “My Struggle for Excellence”# 00 (Kingdom)

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The stories present fundamental principles to achieve organizational success in any competitive environment, including possible ups and downs. Although the setup is in Ancient India, the relevance of each story to the Modern World is ev


The Kingdom of Prachirpuram

Prachirpuram was a kingdom in ancient India. A valiant warrior of the past, the king Diwakar was grow

ing old but was very active in serving the country’s people.

He had two sons named Vikram and Siddarth, both capable of ruling the kingdom. However, there was a dilemma about who should be the “Yuvraj – the king to be.” Vikram was an excellent warrior, while Siddarth provided peace and prosperity to the entire kingdom. Aware of these strengths in each other, they readily asked for help for the good of their people. Little sister Deepshikha and her warrior husband Tenali cared for small Western districts.

Increasingly, Prachirpuram was becoming more and more dependent on revenues from prosperous western districts. The central districts used traditional methods of agriculture, pottery, silk making, and trading and were a significant source of raw materials for western districts.

Before handing over the reins, the king wanted to resolve critical issues.

  • The modernization of Central districts for higher output quality and quantity at lower costs
  • Winning northern, eastern, and southern districts from enemies
  • Meeting the increasing demand from Western communities


Key Principles – Complementing Strengths, Understanding Weaknesses, Continual Objectives