Quality Management for all, from shop floor associate to CEO, covering all spheres of work including manufacturing, RM stores, FG warehouses and across enterprises. Gain actionable insight into quality control opportunities at all levels of business – plant level, 3P manufacturers and/or across the entire enterprise. Include customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier, as required. A ‘must-do’ for all businesses moving towards Industry 4.0 or alternative text suggestions – ‘Essential for an Industry 4.0 world.

Data collection and visualization

Data collection and visualization that works like you do – Data collections support manual entry or semi-automated entry (through scales, calipers, etc.), are designed to be reused, and can be used on demand or at set time intervals. Data collections and data summaries are prioritized for the user, highlighting collections that are due and data streams that need attention.

Targeted, strategic insight

ENACT® users get access to quality data and alerts based on their roles and responsibilities. Highly visual, customizable dashboards help users focus on the data that they need and tune out the excess. ENACT®’s SaaS model provides mobility and availability of data.

Scalability and cost effectiveness

Fast, immensely scalable, and unbelievably affordable, ENACT® enables manufacturers to increase or decrease the size of their implementation as needed. The platform’s ability to use part recipes to apply process models across products enables impressive ROI.

Unparalleled data visibility

ENACT® standardizes quality data, whether collected manually or automatically. Data is unified so that manufacturers can get a “big picture” view of process quality.

Secure, efficient, flexible deployment model

The SaaS platform also speeds implementation, swaps out time-consuming upgrades for updates, and minimizes TCO. Plus, ENACT® integrates with your existing infrastructure.

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Enact has benefited several companies in different sectors including food, beverages, pharma, aerospace, automotive and like. We have put together some of the case studies to give you perspective on how Enact can be a powerful tool to bring in business success.

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Transform Quality With ENACT®

Top 10 Reasons to Use ENACT®

Manufacturers who don’t use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to improve quality face numerous challenges. Learn how ENACT® can help you overcome the Top 10—and improve shop-floor operations across the board.

  • You have too much scrap, waste, or giveaway

    • It can be challenging to pinpoint where the worst process variation is occurring
    • ENACT® Grading enables you to evaluate potential yield vs. expected yield—across specific sites, lines, processes, or parts—so you can prioritize improvement efforts

  • Your operators are overwhelmed

    • Operators often struggle to complete daily tasks, and you need a quality system that streamlines workloads and improves job satisfaction
    • ENACT® provides intuitive operator dashboards, customized work instructions, and data collection reminders that drive higher operator efficiency and accountability—and improve process intelligence

  • You have limited visibility into process performance

    • You need to better understand your process and quality performance, but it can be difficult to access data across sites, lines, processes, or parts using your current system
    • ENACT® lets you compare one process against another process, or one line against another line, enabling you to quickly compare performance and view the “big picture”

  • You don’t receive real-time event notifications

    • You want to use tools like Statistical Process Control (SPC), and real-time notifications are critical must-haves
    • ENACT® can send event notifications to anyone— from supervisors and managers to operators and quality staff—keeping everyone informed

  • You can’t quickly generate reports for auditors or customers

    • It can be extremely time-consuming to wade through piles of irrelevant, out of date, static data
    • ENACT®’s real-time dashboards are specifically tailored to match each role, enabling you to quickly respond to external data requests with accurate information

  • You still use pencil and paper on your shop floor

    • Manual record-keeping can be error prone, re-keying data is expensive, and information is often incomplete and can’t easily be collected and shared
    • ENACT® makes it easy to collect quality data— and to immediately share this vital information with other stakeholders

  • You need to improve accountability

    • Is your team completing quality checks on time? Are your products and processes in compliance?
    • ENACT® records which operator captured quality data—and when they did so—that helps keep everyone accountable

  • You lack data traceability

    • You need a software-based quality system that collects quality and process data to help improve traceability
    • ENACT® records quality and process data using standard manufacturing information, such as part, process, lot, and shift, and can include special data tags for enhanced traceability

  • You still use home-grown systems

    • Improving and supporting these systems can be time-consuming and expensive, and isn’t always sustainable
    • ENACT® is a browser-based platform that is updated quarterly, and can be tailored to your manufacturing environment—minimizing configuration and maintenance need

  • Your IT staff is overwhelmed

    • Many quality systems require knowledge of your network, databases, software installation, device selection, and so on—but your IT team is busy with other priorities
    • ENACT® is cloud-based, is easily deployed and managed by Quality personnel, and needs only internet connectivity and a web browser

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ENACT® Capabilities

See the big picture with ENACT®

  • ENACT® enables quality excellence through native cloud technology and powerful features that allow more value to be extracted from data.
  • The ENACT® platform powers the excellence loop of enterprise visibility, operational insight and global transformation.

Capture a true representation of manufacturing process with ENACT®

  • The ENACT® Process Model captures a true representation of the manufacturing process.
  • Process models can be shared between sites helping ensure best manufacturing practices are enforced.
  • The ENACT® Process Model also connects workers to processes. Workers automatically receive the latest process performance information, data collection reminders, alarm and event notifications for the processes they are responsible for.

Collect data directly with ENACT® irrespective of Source

  • ENACT® supports manual data collection, semi-automated data collection via gauges and other wired devices, and fully automated data collection integrated with a comprehensive array of plant data sources.
  • ENACT® simplifies the data collection process allowing operators more time for other vital duties.
  • All ENACT® data is stored in your own client specific database hosted within Microsoft Azure for maximum security and availability.

Analyse data instantly with ENACT® using whatever Filters you want

  • Users in all roles can easily filter dashboards and data charts to narrow down to an area of interest.
  • You can add levels to multi-level Pareto charts to quickly determine where the worst quality issues are coming from.
  • Data filtering can even be tailored by user role so each user’s effectiveness is optimized.

Receive real time notification for Events (Act before it becomes defect)

  • Today’s manufacturing sites are leaner than ever. Automatic, targeted notifications by ENACT® ensure that the right people know about growing quality and process issues.
  • Less time is wasted searching through data, reducing the time to resolution.

Discover Insights Effortlessly with ENACT®

  • ENACT® provides powerful analytics tailored to every user’s needs. Users can view traditional control charts, multi-level Pareto or Box and Whisker plots to pinpoint quality problems and their root causes.
  • Since ENACT® is mobile-friendly all of its analytical power can be displayed on tablets or smartphones making it easy for users to trouble-shoot problems wherever they are.

Go Beyond Traditional SPC

  • ENACT® provides all the benefits of advanced and real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) – but then goes far beyond.
  • InfinityQS & Q Ultima understand SPC and has decades of experience helping manufacturers turn their quality and process data in to millions of dollars in savings.
  • Now, ENACT® takes SPC to the cloud, giving a way for manufacturers to access the benefits without a large upfront investment in hardware or software.

Perform Enterprise-wide Performance Grading with ENACT®

  • With limited resources, ENACT® can know where to expend effort, how summarize data to enable easy comparisons
  • Metrics like Cpk, Ppk, and PPM require proper normalization and are not very intuitive for most decision makers. Quality Performance Grading from InfinityQS is a completely new way to assess the performance of manufacturing assets.

Access to data based on position or level or what organization wants

  • ENACT®’s centralized data storage powers data collection, monitoring and analysis by giving access to all quality data in one place.
  • Stakeholders can easily find the data they need and use it to visualize process improvements, quickly locating areas that need attention.
  • Data is within easy reach when needed for audits, reports, and other pressing needs.


We have been using ENACT® for our Thailand Operations, and I must say that it has already greatly improve the way we grasp our processes. Regarding the team, it was a really good surprise. Friendliness and availability are the best way to define the people who will train and guide you. I would like to thank in particular the services of Q Ultima, whose team is particularly qualified and helpful.

The strengths of the ENACT® software are its ergonomics, and the support teams behind the product & services. ENACT® is well thought out, user-friendly and intuitive. The interfaces can gather all the important information, navigation is easy, and almost everything is customizable to meet the customer’s needs.

Arthur Coste

Arthur Coste

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The Next Generation Quality Intelligence Platform

integrates all existing system and make them work for us.

Automated Data Collection

◦ Collect data automatically from virtually any measurement device or automation system
◦ $10/Month/ENACT® License
◦ Billed monthly, only if used

Premium Support

◦ Phone / Web based support at your wish
◦ SLAs for problem resolution
◦ Contact for pricing